How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Western North Carolina

Do you or a loved one need a Personal Injury Attorney in the Asheville Area? A personal injury lawyer is an attorney that represents a person that has been injured through the wrong or negligent actions of someone else. A personal injury lawyer can represent the injured party in court or in negotiations between parties, for a settlement that occurs out of court.

There is a vast amount of legal knowledge required to prove a personal injury case, leading most people to choose a personal injury attorney to represent them, instead of trying to do it pro se, or by themselves.


Once retained, a personal injury lawyer enters into a legal contract with his or her client in which he or she agrees to serve the clientís best interests in the case. This contract encompasses filing legal complaints, drafting legal documents, offering legal advice and arguing cases before a court on behalf of the injured person. The decision to retain a lawyer can be a simple one. The decision of which lawyer to choose can be more complicated unless a person knows what to look for. There are simple steps you can take, even if he or she has never had to obtain representation before, to ensure that the right attorney is retained.

Depending on where you live, there can be many available lawyers to choose from. It may help to make a list from the phone book, or an online directory. The list should include lawyers that are experienced in their field of practice, and that have reputations as professional and honest lawyers. You can check the record of professional practices for any attorney by contacting the state bar office. This can be done by mail, by phone or online.

After the research on professional conduct is done, the next step is to have a private consultation with an attorney. You can call to find out if an in-person visit is necessary and if there is a fee for consultation. Some attorneys will do consultations over the phone, at no charge. Others want to see their prospective client in person and do require a consultation payment.

During consultations, you can ask about the experience an attorney has in personal injury claims, the amount of similar cases represented in the past and what the fee for retaining legal services are. During the consultation, it helps to write down what an attorney says so that a person has a point of reference to go back to, once all of the consultations are over.


When searching for something as important as legal representation, it is important to take the time to make informed decisions from reliable sources. With a list of attorneys and information from the state bar association, you can then turn to personal testimonials from friends, family and former clients.

These testimonials can provide valuable insight from people that have used the services of a particular attorney before. If there are no personal testimonials available, a person can go online to research testimonials there.

With a little research, a you can find the right attorney for your situation. For more information go to these Attorneys in Asheville North Carolina to discuss your personal injury case.