5 Things You should know about the Gilmore Girls Revival

Gilmore Girls Revival has stirred up quite a storm. It has gotten fans excited about everything from how the show will pick up from its last season, which characters will be back, how the characters changed over time, and what not. The revival has generated a sea of rumors across the internet, but here are some important nuggets that you need to know if you are a Gilmore Girls loyal.

Amy Sherman-Palladino is back

Gilmore Girls ran for seven seasons, but due to creative differences, Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show before the final season was aired. This prevented the original show creator from wrapping up the season like she intended. However, with the Gilmore Girls Revival, that is all set to change as Amy Sherman-Palladino will be back. Also, there are those final four words that Palladino wanted the show to end with. The fans never found out about those four final words, once Palladino exited the show back in 2007. However, with the revival in the pipeline, the fans can finally enjoy a fitting end they deserved.

Melissa McCarthy is Coming Back

The gilmore Girls love life will be questioned as usual

Sookie was one of the most adored characters on the Gilmore Girls. However, when the revival was announced, Melissa McCarthy’s name was nowhere to be seen. Later, the actress took to social media to wish luck to the show, and revealed that she was never contacted for the revival. At the time, it sounded like an official confirmation that Sookie will not be part of the final season of the show. Palladino had repeatedly said that she would love to have Melissa reprise her role. She even said that could write a scene exclusively for her, if McCarthy can allocate even two hours for them. This actually worked. As per the latest news from the sets of the Gilmore Girls Revival, Melissa McCarthy is going to be a part of the show.

It is all about the seasons at Stars Hollow

The latest season of Gilmore Girls is structured differently from the earlier seven. This season has only four episodes that will be aired across the year and each will be 90-minutes long. The episodes will be named after the four seasons. It is also said that the revival show will be named “Gilmore Girls: Seasons”.

The last season will not be sidetracked

There are tons of evidence that Gilmore Girls Seasons will be amazing!

Since Palladino was not a part of the last season of Gilmore Girls, it was rumored that she may completely ignore the story that transpired in her absence. However, she has put the rumors to rest by categorically stating that whatever the story was, it was an important piece in the Gilmore Girls jigsaw. She will take the last season in her stride and make the storyline a part of the revival series.

Many New Faces will be seen

Though most of the cast of the original Gilmore Girls series will be seen in the show, many new characters will also entertain the fans. There is a Peruvian couple, a sad Nat, a Portuguese nanny, a high-end fashion magazine editor, and many others. Palladino is known for introducing crazy characters in her shows, and they do work. It is yet unknown how she will marry these characters to the story, but it will indeed be interesting to see. You can watch Gilmore Girls with a subscription to one of the major cable TV providers.

Current Shows Every Medical Drama Fan Should Be Watching

If you can’t get enough of medical dramas, then you’re not alone. Medical dramas have been a mainstay of primetime television for the past three decades—from megahits like E.R. all the way to more modern shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, audiences can’t get enough of watching relationship dramas unfold over the open chest of an emergency surgery patience. If you’re a big fan of medical dramas and are tired of rewatching your old favorites over and over again, why not give these current medical dramas a try?

The Knick


The Knick is an extremely unique medical drama for one simple reason: it’s a historical drama as well! The Knick is set in early 20th century New York at the famous Knickerbocker Hospital, considered the center of innovative medical techniques, surgeries and other treatments in America. The show focuses on Dr. John Thackery–who is based on a real life doctor, William Halsted, who becomes the head of the surgery staff at “The Knick” and battles drug addictions while promoting new and improved medical discoveries to help decrease patient mortality.

The Knick has everything medical drama fans want: personal and relationship drama, huge risks that may or may not save lives, and of course battles with upper management who care more about the bottom line than the patients.

Grey’s Anatomy


Grey’s Anatomy has been around for ten years, but the show is still going strong! Grey’s Anatomy takes place a fictional hospital in Seattle, Washington; the show began by following the dramatic lives of surgical interns beginning to work at the hospital,  however over the years, the main characters have become seasoned doctors–sometimes even mentoring new characters who are in their former shoes. Grey’s Anatomy focuses on some of the more tension-filled day to day aspects of working at a hospital, such as who gets what patient cases or who gets what surgeries. The most notable aspect of the show, however, is the personal drama: Grey’s Anatomy puts a heavy focus on the romantic angle, so much show that it’s often described as a “romantic medical drama” rather than a simple medical drama!

Grey’s Anatomy is a long running show, so you may need to dedicate several binge watching weekends to catch up on all the fun if you’ve just started watching!

Code Black


Code Black is the newest medical drama set to premiere at the end of September, 2015, on CBS. The series, created by Michael Seitzman, will focus on an understaffed, overcrowded emergency room in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The show is actually based on a real-life documentary about such an emergency room; the documentary was directed by Ryan McGarry and received heavy critical praise after its debut. The show is set to star Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzman, Raza Jaffrey, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Bonnie Somervile, Harry Ford, and Melanie Kannokada.

Code Black has yet to officially premiere, but reviews of the show’s pilot episode were very positive and the show is garnering early positive attention. You can find more TV & online entertainment options at www.chartercabledeals.org/.

medical drama television

Why the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ “Blurred Lines” Jury Decision Was Wrong

blurred lines



The recent jury decision in a civil case against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke, who co-wrote Thicke’s hit song “Blurred Lines,” has made shockwaves in the music and pop culture industry. A jury decided that the two must pay the family of late singer Marvin Gaye $7.4 million dollars because they “unlawfully copied” Got To Give It Up, a song written by Gaye in 1977. While some people applauded the decision, the jury’s decision was ultimately not just in this case. Let’s take a closer look as to why.

First, it’s important to note that the jury was not comparing the finished versions of Got to Give it Up with Blurred Lines. This is because Martin Gaye’s copyright is only on his hand-lettered sheet music, not the finished track. The hand-lettered sheet music has notable differences from the finished track, because it never indicates that the song should use a falsetto voice or an upbeat tempo, both of which were present in the Blurred Lines track.


The jury was therefore only allowed to hear renditions of Got to Give It Up solely based on the sheet music, along with an edited, stripped-down version of the track that reflected the sheet music. On the surface, this should have helped Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s case—but the jury ultimately decided against them.

The primary reason that the jury decided against them may be due to the fact that the jury was not instructed well enough on copyright law, and when something is considered infringement—or in other words, unlawful copying. Unlawful copying requires a positive answer to a two-part copyright test: “Did they copy?” and “Was the copying legally improper?”



The second part of the question is arguably more important than the first, but in the Williams and Thicke case, the instructions overly emphasized the first question without emphasizing the second. Instruction 27 to the jury, for example, said: “Anyone who copies original elements of a copyrighted work during the term of the copyright without the owner’s permission infringes the copyright.”ti-blurred-lines-update

Yet, as anyone with an experience in copyright and copyright law can attest, this is not the whole story. Copying can be legal, and it can even be encouraged.

Due to the general confusion and poor instruction regarding copyright law, there may be a re-trial in the case against Williams and Thicke. You can find more TV & online entertainment options at www.chartercabledeals.org/.

Will ‘Versailles’ Usher In A New Era of Historical TV?

Epic historical dramas are nothing new to TV—the somewhat recent popularity of Showtime’s The Tudors is testament to the fact that audiences can, and do, enjoy TV shows based on real historical events. Even if those historical events are likely to be at least somewhat sensationalized by the writers.

One of the newest historical TV shows in production is Versailles. Versailles will be an English language TV production produced by Canal Plus, and will star George Blagden (of ‘Vikings’ fame) as Louis XIV, better known as the Sun King of France. The show, which is currently filming, has a lot of indicators that it could be a highly successful and top quality show. The production company is well known in France for their lush historical TV shows, the costume and set designers have experience with the lavish types of design required by any show set in Versailles, and the cast has experience working in period pieces.

versailles show canal plus
If Versailles is successful, it could usher in an entirely new era of historical TV. Forget shows like ‘Rein’ that are more pop teen princess than history—Versailles is promising to be a rich, extravagant and yet still historical television adaptation of the complex rule of Louis XIV. Right now, the show is only confirmed for one season—a season which will largely focus on Louis’ rise to power after the death of his mother. After dealing with a failed coup, Louis begins to develop complex, intricate court etiquette that effectively neuters potentially court rebellion and forces the people of his court to spend more time worrying about who has the right to pass the king a glove to build an army or intrigue against him.


If Versailles is highly successful with critics and viewers, it could be a continuation of the series. In this case, the writers could go in two directions: have season 2 continue where season 1 left off, which is likely going to be at the height of Louis XIV’s reign and would therefore continue exploring his political actions and social life during this period; or, the writers could go in a completely different direction and spend one season each exploring the three most famous French kings of the palace of Versailles: the aging Louis XIV, the beloved and then despised Louis XV, and the passionate but ultimately failing Louis XVI. Learn more right over here.



How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney in Western North Carolina

Do you or a loved one need a Personal Injury Attorney in the Asheville Area? A personal injury lawyer is an attorney that represents a person that has been injured through the wrong or negligent actions of someone else. A personal injury lawyer can represent the injured party in court or in negotiations between parties, for a settlement that occurs out of court.

There is a vast amount of legal knowledge required to prove a personal injury case, leading most people to choose a personal injury attorney to represent them, instead of trying to do it pro se, or by themselves.


Once retained, a personal injury lawyer enters into a legal contract with his or her client in which he or she agrees to serve the clientís best interests in the case. This contract encompasses filing legal complaints, drafting legal documents, offering legal advice and arguing cases before a court on behalf of the injured person. The decision to retain a lawyer can be a simple one. The decision of which lawyer to choose can be more complicated unless a person knows what to look for. There are simple steps you can take, even if he or she has never had to obtain representation before, to ensure that the right attorney is retained.

Depending on where you live, there can be many available lawyers to choose from. It may help to make a list from the phone book, or an online directory. The list should include lawyers that are experienced in their field of practice, and that have reputations as professional and honest lawyers. You can check the record of professional practices for any attorney by contacting the state bar office. This can be done by mail, by phone or online.

After the research on professional conduct is done, the next step is to have a private consultation with an attorney. You can call to find out if an in-person visit is necessary and if there is a fee for consultation. Some attorneys will do consultations over the phone, at no charge. Others want to see their prospective client in person and do require a consultation payment.

During consultations, you can ask about the experience an attorney has in personal injury claims, the amount of similar cases represented in the past and what the fee for retaining legal services are. During the consultation, it helps to write down what an attorney says so that a person has a point of reference to go back to, once all of the consultations are over.


When searching for something as important as legal representation, it is important to take the time to make informed decisions from reliable sources. With a list of attorneys and information from the state bar association, you can then turn to personal testimonials from friends, family and former clients.

These testimonials can provide valuable insight from people that have used the services of a particular attorney before. If there are no personal testimonials available, a person can go online to research testimonials there.

With a little research, a you can find the right attorney for your situation. For more information go to these Attorneys in Asheville North Carolina to discuss your personal injury case.